Try to remember the first video game you played as a child — the way you had to insert the cartridge and sometimes blow dust out of it, praying that it would work. July 15th, 1983 marked the release of the third generation of home video games, introducing what we now know as 8-bit games.

The NES system by Nintendo introduced groundbreaking titles such as Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda, creating iconic characters that are still at the top of the video game ranks 33 years later. Retro games, and the nostalgia that they inherently possess, create a yearning for those days when we spent hours at the arcade trying to beat that high score.

ozjlr3qSuper Mario Bros. (1985) was the first Mario game ever released and was the first time anyone had ever seen Coin Blocks, Warp Pipes, or the famous Goombas. These are all trademarks of what is now a multi-million dollar video game franchise that happens to be the best-selling of all time. And although different versions and story lines have been created since the original game’s release, none have been quite as groundbreaking as the first.

What if you could revisit the original world of Super Mario Bros. just for one day? Or perhaps just for one night?

For those of you who are used to seeing the world in high definition, prepare to return to the days when 8-bit ruled the world and pixelation was the norm. The Secret Garden brings its 8-Bit Experience to Miami on November 12th, allowing guests to re-encounter a world they thought they had left behind long ago.

Enjoy a curated selection of musical artists, including headliner Lonely Boy LIVE, and a live art exhibition curated by Siglo and Abigail Hoffmire. Join us in Wynwood starting at 8 PM and RSVP early for complimentary admission.

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